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DESTROY ALL HUMANS Download Full Version Game

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There were absolutely bizarre situations on this topic more than once. A good example will be when Ubisoft released a refreshed version of the cult game Heroes of Might and Magic III and it quickly turned out that a much better version can be obtained simply by using fan extensions, which additionally supported the phenomenal extensions for this game, without which the greatest fans would not they imagined the game. The beliefs of players that each new remake or other remaster were simply jumping to the cash register, when you take an old title and simply give it new graphics, were more and more popular. However, this does not apply to all titles, because games such as Resident Evil 2 or Final Fantasy VII show that it can be done very well. Destroy All Humans Download PC can confidently join this group of refreshed games! The review may contain story spoilers

DESTROY ALL HUMANS Download what exactly is going on there?

In Destroy All Humans Download . We play the role of Crypto-137, which sets off to earth for two purposes. First, he has to find the lost DNA that guarantees the survival of the Clan race to which Crypto belongs. Secondly, its purpose is to find out what happened to Crypto-136, the clone that was previously sent for scouting. In fact, however, the Furgons want to gain power over the blue planet and overthrow or take over the US government. We have already seen most of these things somewhere in the plot. The game is very humorous and refers to dozens of pop culture works. The music is clearly inspired by the X-Archive, one of the plasma weapons after killing an enemy leaves only a skeleton after him (Martians Attack, but it’s a great movie), and the commander of the Wagon who gives us orders is trying hard not to call the agents attacking us Men in Black, using from such terms as Men in Dark Uniforms or guys in not necessarily black jackets. The same ones use futuristic weapons that strangely resemble those from the cult movie. Once a guy shot me with a little pistol that made a really big boom. I immediately remembered the spruce from the original movie.


But let’s get back to the game itself. The game is divided into a series of missions taking place in various locations, which we can additionally explore to do additional tasks for the stars, such as apocalypse or abduction. In the course of performing each task or simply by wiping out people’s brains, we will acquire fragments of DNA codes, which are our currency to improve the Crypto arsenal and its spacecraft. As part of completing the next story missions, we will receive more and more cool toys, such as an electric cannon or an anal probe that will help us obtain brains from people. Our space saucer, on the other hand, can wreak havoc with the help of such masterpieces of destruction as a ray of destruction or a sonic cannon.

Additional tasks are classics among classics. We will kidnap cows from the fields or simply fly a space saucer and destroy the city in the allotted time. The better we do, the more DNA we get, but we’ll still need most, if not all, improvements to get the most stars. For example, I was unable to finish most of the Escape Drone Chases with the best score without fully upgrading our Jetpack. On the other hand, smashing cities with a spaceship is a lot of fun and a power in itself. Flying over cities and destroying entire neighborhoods with one shot that leaves beautiful ruins preceded by numerous explosions is simply a wonderful experience that I can’t even compare to any other game. DESTROY ALL HUMANS Download .

The dialogues that accompany us throughout the game are also an amazing quality in themselves and made me smile at myself all the time. Everything is additionally enhanced by the fact that our Crypto can read minds and we learn a lot of extremely stupid thoughts, these stupid monkeys, e.g. a secretary who wonders who she has to go to bed with to get a promotion or a soldier who is a lone shooter, yes alone that he cries in the soul. Of course, during the fight, we also hear various interesting texts, mainly reminiscent of cult action movies such as Texas Ranger or other Rambo. The only thing missing was the iconic get to the choppa. In any case, throughout the game, people mistake Crypto’s skin color as a green fellow, driving it crazy or calling it a communist. Because the communists are responsible for all the evil in the world, right? We are even accompanied by people’s shouts like “They want to destroy our way of life!”. Somewhere in the background, therefore, the topic of propaganda and fear of communists is constantly running.


DESTROY ALL HUMANS Free Download Summary

DESTROY ALL HUMANS Download Full Version Game

Unfortunately, the game itself is very short. Loose gameplay, where I did not complete all the additional tasks and I was almost fully developed, took me about 8 hours. After the game was over, I could go back to different locations to continue the fight or perform other additional tasks. However, I felt a bit unsatisfied after the end of the main storyline and I hope that in the future the developers will also decide to recreate the next part of this game. It’s a pity, because the game has a very nice, perceptible atmosphere of conquering the world. The missions that we will carry out will not only involve the demolition of the buildings surrounding us and obtaining brains from innocent people. We will also carry out espionage missions where we cannot be discovered. Crypto has a whole range of tools to help it do this. In addition, some missions will rely on a typical propaganda fight – we will try to take over TV stations or prevent the US government’s propaganda broadcasts.

During the game, we also fight bosses, unfortunately there are very few of them. In total, we defeated three bosses: the general in the mech, the robopresident and the nemesis who, from the very beginning of the game, throws logs under the feet of the Wagons attacking the ground. Only the first boss gave me a really solid satisfaction in the fight. The second we fought in the saucer was annoyingly simple once we understood how it could be defeated with one weapon, and the last one had extremely stupid attacks. For example, it could start jumping around Furgo to try to disappear from his sight. She was doing it extremely ineptly, which made it not difficult to keep her sights on, which made her just disappear from our sight to appear at the other end of the map and begin to heal. It made no sense, especially since it additionally had a strong shield that had to be destroyed to deal damage to the enemy. Graphically, the game does not look good either, although the game has its own atmosphere, you could definitely take care of more graphic effects. Well, it can’t be perfect, right?

Destroy All Humans Free Download ! is a perfect game at once, which will give us a very fun gameplay, full of fantastic humor and with a really interesting plot, which will be especially appreciated by science fiction fans. The game had practically no flaws, except for weak bosses, and even if they did, none of them irritated me a lot. Destroy All Humans Full Game is definitely worth playing! because it is simply a decent and even quite original title nowadays open worlds and other sandboxes or battle royale. I would highly recommend.

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