Installers are safe

Installers are safe?

Hey there guys! This post was made especially for those who don't want to believe in our installers. A lot of you guys asked us if it is possible to get their favorite games without any viruses, cracks or other problems that they encountered in torrent files. Well, the main purpose of creating games-download24.com was to get rid of these torrent releases that were full of viruses, infected files or they had cracks that weren't working on some of the computers. That is to say, you couldn't run a game where cracks weren't optimized for 32 bit systems. This was one of the reasons why we had to do something with that.

It was difficult to form a professional group of programmers who are able to construct installer thanks to which it will be possible to download full version of original game into your computer without any problems. But do you know what was even harder? Including original key to these games. We don't want to release only half of the game in terms of single player. We want to provide you whole game along with multiplayer mode. To do so, it is necessary to generate original key for each of our customer. That was quite hard challenge but we managed to do that and now we are able to give you all things you ever wanted. But herein, we will focus on explaining why this website and software included here are much better than on the other websites.

Let's start from the beginning, meaning from design. As you know, our products are made in a very simple way. It is user-friendly, interface won't cause problems to anyone, even amateurs and installation is troublefree. Moreover, we had to make sure that there won't be any difficulties, so to avoid situations where you wouldn't know what to do in order to have the game installed, we limited key buttons in installer.

Second reason why people rather choose our products than other ones is, as we mentioned right above, difficulty of the installment, lack of difficulty to be precise. Right now the only thing you have to worry about is clicking "next" button for few times and choose destination folder. There, you have to set the location where your game will be installed. Remember to do that carefully and don't forget where your game is! Then, it just installs freely.

As you can see, you don't have to worry about installment, nor protection. Why? Because we took care of that second thing as well! Products like ours had to give you full, multi language version of the game with all the features included as well as multiplayer mode. That's why we can assure your safety and promise that you will never be banned or suspended on the steam, origin or any other gaming platform for using theoretically not original game. Everything we do for you is to help you testing games before buying them, so tell your friends about our website and do not hesitate anymore!