DiRT Rally Download Full Version PC

DiRT Rally Download Full Version PC

DiRT Rally Download Full Game and game info:

Hello everyone! It’s great to see you back here. We are very pleased that our installers appeared to be helpful and thanks to them you managed to play your favourite games with no troubles. This time we wish to give you a racing game DiRT Rally Download also known as one of the best racing series ever created. This is a release designed for PC versions, optimized for weaker hardware as well, so do not worry about anything and join the community full of passionate riders who love racing in games like this one!
DiRT Rally is a sequel of very popular Colin McRae Rally edition. Dirt Rally, which really is Dirt 4, goes back to the roots and focus on the most important type of races – Rally races. Of course there are other modes you can choose and play in either single player mode or multiplayer. Comparing to previous versions, this one has been implemented with improved graphics engine and greatly mapped sounds of the surroundings as well as vehicles. Guys from British studio Codemasters, which are responsible for the whole cycle. They managed to introduce realistic mechanism that impacts on the physics of the game and make this game more demanding and even low difficulty level might be challenging. Of course there are control settings where you can get rid of all the elements that make our car behave realistic and you can still play it as an arcade title. Nevertheless, we recommend trying DiRT Rally Download the way it was designed to see how amazing rally races are.

DiRT Rally Download
As you probably know, game was opened for early access more than half a year but until now there wasn’t any legitimate version that would contain all the maps, vehicles, countries and modes included by Codemasters. DiRT Rally Download is a first product to have all these things included. We wanted to provide you full version of the game as soon as it is possible, and we believe we managed to do that because we released this application the same day the release date is. So, you can enjoy full version of DiRT Rally in original serial (it means you can play online with your friends too) without worrying about anything. Everything we have prepared for you was checked before even publishing, so there is nothing you have to be afraid of; everything will definitely work and we can assure you that.

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We are games-download24.com, a group of professional programmers who can bypass securities of any developer within few days after receiving files. That is to say, it wasn’t very hard for us to make DiRT Rally Download. Mirrors you can see on the bottom of the side are going to redirect on a special place, on a private server where you don’t have to worry that someone would infect our installer with dangerous files. It is 100% safe, so do not wait for anything. Get it right now, download full version of the game, launch it and play with your friends!



OS: Windows Vista 64-bit
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5400+ 2.8 GHz
RAM: 4 GB System Memory
GPU: GeForce GT 430, Radeon HD 5450 1GB, or Intel HD 4000
GPU RAM: 1GB Video Memory
HDD: 35GB Available Space
DX: DirectX 11

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