Gothic 3 Free Download PC Full Game

Gothic 3 Free Download PC Full Game

Gothic 3 Free Download PC Full Game :

Gothic 3 Download Full Version Game
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  • Then run “.exe” and start installing the game.
  • Follow the instructions during installation.
  • The game will start to download and install automatically.
  • After the installation is finished, click Finish.
  • Play.

After months of expectations, weeks of guesses, days of speculation, hours of tension, finally what followed must have happened. The living world saw the third part of one of the best action-RPG I’ve ever played, and I’ve had a lot of other titles whose form can be considered similar. Finally, Gothic 3 Download has become completely tangible and not only with our western neighbors; we Poles were also given an excellent Polish version of the game, though in my opinion slightly worse than the previous ones. So let’s check what’s up with the Nameless One …

Gothic 3 Free Download Myrtana – you won’t forget about her

Yes, the fact has happened that the renowned nameless hero returned to the bosom of our beloved PCs. This time he will face the challenges of the war-torn continent of Myrtan, which has already been widely discussed in previous parts. However, before we get into the details, let’s delve into the abyss of memories for a moment and dig out some important information from them.

What really made the Gothic series so successful all over the world? We can list a lot of syntactic elements here, so let’s focus on the most important ones. Brilliant plot, which from the first moment intrigues the player and does not allow you to stop thinking about what will happen to our hero soon. Like unlimited freedom of gameplay – we decide ourselves what and for whom we want to do, who we support, and who we openly appear to. Great, intelligent dialogues, original character development and combat system. And above all, a huge, diverse world full of dangers and great adventures, inviting us to explore it. All this has created an amazing mixture, which resulted in the world of Myrtana – a world that will be remembered for a long time. Gothic 3 Free Download .

Gothic 3 How will it be this time?

Everyone who has already had contact with previous Gothic , probably wondered how many changes will bring us the next version of this game. It was known that Namimnym ended his activity on the infamous island of Khorinis, where the action of the previous parts of the cycle took place, with his comrades set off on a long sea journey aimed at the war-torn continent of Myrtana. Okay, but what about our hero? Will the creators once again in some unusually crafty way deprive him of all acquired skills, giving us at his disposal like an indistinct wimp and weakling? Or, quite the opposite, will the Nameless come to the continent with abilities beyond the hordes of elite orc warriors, with equipment that would not be ashamed of the 15th-century Hussite army? The authors of the game, quite cleverly solved this problem, leaving the hero some combat abilities, attributes on a fairly decent level, and fairly standard equipment, but depriving him of his ship Esmeralda, which left all loot obtained on the island of Khorinis. This is not the end of the losses we will witness here, because as a result of the activities of our old friend, Necromancer Xardas, the entire continent was brutally deprived of runic magic, thus giving way to its ancient counterpart. Gothic 3 Download PC.

So, the game will not start with a complete weakling, as it was in previous editions, but we will not get a powerful hero, a war machine, capable of putting dozens of enemies dead, leaving such a clash with a few scratches on shining armor. Gothic 3 Full Game .

Gothic 3 Free Download
Gothic 3 Free Download

Gothic 3 Free Download Specific beauty :

What aroused the greatest emotions and put in a real euphoria while watching the next promo-screens and trailers announcing the game, was undoubtedly the graphic design of the game. This one is at a really high level, even if the game came out six months earlier, I would have no hesitation in calling it fabulous. Wonderful landscapes, mountain peaks looming somewhere in the distance, extremely lively forests, with rich and natural flora and fauna, lakes, waterfalls, rivers – it’s all wonderfully refined and creating a unique, impossible to duplicate climate and undeniable beauty of this game. Gothic 3 Free Download

But what would all this be if we did not see a really good sound setting accompanying us somewhere in the background of the game? Unfortunately, we will never know that, because the music in Gothic 3 Download is at such a high level that you will need something really special to dissuade me from believing that this game does not have the best sound setting on the market. I swear it I have not heard anything so brilliant for a very long time in tinplate games, and I play quite a lot and for a long time. You can believe me – only fans of ambitious music, such as disco-polo, can be disappointed …

Gothic 3 Download
Gothic 3 Download

A drop of bitterness … Gothic 3 Game :

Gothic 3 Download Full Version Game

Approaching slowly to the end, one more, certainly very important thing should be mentioned. Unfortunately, in life it is so that the better something the more we have to pay for it. This is the case with Gothic III, and the price is the hardware requirements of the game. The second fact is the game errors, which, despite the constantly appearing patches, are still visible and sometimes really glaring. Sometimes they even force the player to reload the game, because for some unexplained reasons we were unable to complete the mission, although we are sure that we did everything correctly. Here is my advice? save the game as often as possible, especially in important moments of the game, and avoid the frustration caused by game deficiencies that make life extremely difficult. Gothic 3 Torrent

Despite these few problems, I still think the Piranha Bytes product is a unique game and deserves more attention than most other titles. In my humble opinion, this is next to Oblivion the number one candidate for the title of the role-playing game of the year. The Nameless One returned in a really big way. What can you add more? Gothic 3 Game

Welcome to Myrtana!


huge, diverse world;
many endings;
extensive character development system;
the ability to complete the mission in many ways.


occurring game errors;
hardware requirements;
leads to immediate addiction.

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