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Fourth part of record breaking series of action games is available now, thanks to GTA IV Download PC ! The installer we provide you this time is a very simple and clear tool. It operates very intuitively and introduces you to one of the best games with sandbox world there is. GTA IV is definitely a very attractive product not only because of its innovative features, but also because of gripping story and loveable characters. Of course let us not forget about first in the history of the series multiplayer game mode that was prepared by the authors themselves. Use GTA IV Download right now and have fun with your friends!

But before we tell you about our installing device, let us have a look at the game itself. You see, Fourth part of the game is yet another part of very controversial, yet bestselling series. It all started in 1997, but at this moment everyone agrees that one of the best parts ever released was Grand Theft Auto IV.

In this part, we should definitely put emphasis on the storyline. The scenario was prepared by Dan Houser, who is also responsible for plots to such games as Manhunt, The Warriors, Canis Canem Edit (known as Bully) and, of course, many other GTA games. This time we will take the role of a foreigner named Niko Bellic. He comes to America due to letters his cousin Roman sent him. Although the “American Dream” Roman was talking about is not entirely correct, Niko decides to stay not only to help out his cousin, but also because of his own personal agendas. Use GTA IV Download and see for yourself how the story unfolds!

At the very beginning our employer will be none other than Roman. However, with time we will get to know next contractors, like for example Russian mafia and private investigator or, in later phases of the game, FBI. The production is much shorter than San Andreas, but still it takes a lot of days, even weeks, to finish the main storyline in the game. The thing that is of utmost importance for GTA IV is the introduction of many innovations in terms of gameplay.

GTA IV Download PC Full Gameplay :

Thanks to our GTA IV Download PC , you will be able to use this wonderful production and enjoy all the functions that we receive here. One of the best examples how the producers improved the series is the introduction of cover system. Together with great change in shooting mechanics, we can now observe much more realistic and much more entertaining firefights. Bear in mind that besides that, we should also remember about improved driving mechanics.

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The game changed in terms of audio-visual aspects a lot. You see, the refreshment of RAGE engine made it possible to give us much better physics and more realistic special effects. We should also pay attention to the way the shadowing and lights are made. Thanks to that, the game was one of the most beautiful productions when it came out. If you want to see it for yourself, then do not wait any longer and use our Grand Theft Auto IV Download PC . This is an installing device that has almost everything there is to offer.

Noteworthy is also the fact that the producers made sure that we can share our achievements and great stunts. It is all available via our phone, which is also connected to the online features. In this way we can, for example, record a fantastic jump or an action and then show it to others. Of course online gaming is also available. We receive here several game modes to choose from. Luckily for you, GTA IV Full Game PC is the only working installer out there. Thanks to that, you don’t have to worry about anything whatsoever.

Our software is clear and transparent. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you can hope for one of the easiest tools to use. Quick, 5-minute installation process is also simplified thanks to automation. It basically removes all the unnecessary buttons and options. As a result, you just need to pick destination folder and that is it!

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