Heavy Rain Download PC

Heavy Rain Download PC a game that is available for download this week for download :

Heavy Rain Download PC
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Today ladies and gentlemen we are offering Heavy Rain Download PC , a brand new production that introduces you with completely renewed and refreshed version of one of the most entertaining console-exclusives productions. However, as you probably noticed, the producers from Quantic Dream decided to provide us, the PC owners, with many of their games. As a result, we are today offering you an access to a Heavy Rain Download . This is an installer of our authorship. It means that we will be giving you a complete version of this game on your PC without any problems whatsoever.

We are the people responsible for many different installing devices. In the past, games-download24.com has offered you more complete games than one could count. It is because we are huge fans of video games and we know how much you love them. However, to make it possible for you and all your friends to test it, you need a steady and reliable source. Our services offer you just that. Heavy Rain Download is just an example of how easy it is to have a full version of the game on your computer!

But what can we say about the title itself? Heavy Rain is a combination of two most popular games types, which are the adventure and the arcade ones. What is more, the title itself is also based on some criminal stories. The production was developed and brought by Quantic Dream studi, which is also responsible for creating the titles, such as Fahrenheit and Detroit: Become Human.

The entire game action concerns the issue of the serial murderer who is known as the Killer with the origami. So far, he has killed a great number of innocent people and he leaves these paper figures by the side of all his victims. This is how he gained his alias connected with origami. In the whole gameplay, our major aim is to catch the ruthless murderer and make him stop killing people. To make our goal come true, we have to play one of four available characters. However, our choice is not binding for the entire gameplay. Sounds interesting? Use Heavy Rain Full Version to see how the game really looks like!

The title allows us to play all of the four figures alternately. That is why, we can choose the journalist Madison Paige, the detective Scott Shelby, the FBI agent Norman Jayden as well as Ethan Mars who wants to safe his kidnapped son. However, we have to remember about the fact that all the characters have completely different goals to achieve and completely different motives. That is why, it depends on us how the fate of our figures will pan out. We have to make all the decisions which will definitely colour the further course of the entire storyline.

Heavy Rain Download
Heavy Rain Download
Heavy Rain Full Game
Heavy Rain Full Version

Heavy Rain Download PC Gameplay :

Our Download Heavy Rain Full Game PC lets you test out Heavy Rain, which is a production prepared in the three-dimensional perspective. Therefore, the title is far more realistic. Our major aim is moving around various locations and interacting with the other elements of the game due to precisely developed control system. What is more, this is a remastered version of the title which now is going to be released on the PCs. It means that the production was brought to perfection, e.g. it offers us the graphics which presents itself much better than in the previous version.

All of the characters move and behave in a smooth and realistic manner and showing an appropriate facial mimics became one of the authors’ priority. It is also worth mentioning that the emotions of our figures are very visible and clear, we can conclude almost immediately what they feel in the particular moment. We cannot also forget about all the available locations which remain the ones from the real world.

As you can see, the entire game is well prepared and it deserves some of the recognition. This is what makes our applications so great. This and of course user-friendly access to all features and all functions! What is more, you don’t even have to mount images or unpack files from .rar folders. You just need to click one button and see how everything is installed! In an automated way of course!

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