Kona Download Full Version Game PC

Kona Full Version PC

Kona Download Full Version PC Game and information about the game:

Hello everyone interested in free games. Today we would love to present you Kona Download but first of all let’s introduce ourselves to those who might not know us. We are the team professional team who deals in creating installers for games. What does this installer do, you may ask? Well, basically this is a program that doesn’t require cracks or other stuff like that but we will back to that in a minute. Our brand new launcher is Kona Download. Kona made by studio called Parabole is adventure game with some elements of survival. Story takes place in 1970 in a Canadian province Quebec.

Kona Download

Kona’s plot is very interesting. There is a conflict between native residents called Cree and some rich guy. Mr. Hamilton is an owner of most valuable mines and he is accused of destroying Cree’s sacred places to increase his profits. Everything starts early winter when some people demolish Hamilton’s house. Angry man employs a detective to find out who did this. When our detective Carl Faubert (the character we control) arrives to the meeting place, he cannot believe his eyes. The village was ravished, there was no man nor woman and he couldn’t find his employee either. From this point we try to find out what happened there and try to solve the mystery. Of course Kona is a survival game as well, which means we have to care about mental and physical state of our detective. There are many things that can kill your character starting from nature and wild animals and ending on the creatures from the legends like wendigo.

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As we mentioned earlier on, Kona Download is an installer and it works without any additional programs, cracks, keygens or cd-key. Everything is automatically inserted and you don’t need to waste your time for searching these things. Our installer is indefectible and it is compatible with every computer. All things are made as simple as it could be just to make sure even someone who doesn’t know how it works will be able to understand it without any doubt.


Our programs are made concerning people who don’t know English very well or they don’t speak it at all. This is the reason why we support our work with multi languages version to make certain that everyone who downloaded it will be able to understand and no problems during installation will occur.

Kona Download requirements of the game:

-CPU:i5 2.0 ghz
-GPU:GeForce GTX 460
-DX:Version 11
-Windows 7 and up
-Windows 7 and up
-Store:5 GB available space

Kona Download is definitely a safe software, free from viruses that would surely harm your computer. Installer that we make is unobjectionable and was tested by us and our friends to make sure it is working correctly. The most important thing is that Kona Download is very fast and time to install game is quite short even on slower computers. It takes approximately a couple of minutes to install it. Clear interface, simple design, care for details – these are the most important characteristics of our application and we can recommend it for everyone.

If you have any question about installer or the game itself, feel welcome to ask us through comment section or write support ticket. The legitimacy of our service guarantees constant help and support for everyone who is in any trouble. Thank you for visiting games-download24.com, we hope to see you here again soon.

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