Perception Download Full Version PC

Perception Download Full Version PC

Perception Download Full Version PC available for download today, weekly update and crack game:

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Perception Download is the latest application created from the scratch by our specialists. We spend our free time on preparing the highest quality applications that with the proper amount of time, can give you all the content you want. This time we decided to focus on an Indie Horror game that may not be so popular among you all. Try Perception Download out and see by yourself!

Here are some major reasons why you should stop wasting your time and start using our installer. The first and probably the most important reason is safety. Perception Download is totally safe from not wanted malware or other bugs and viruses. Why are we so sure of it? That’s fairly simple, before we release anything on our website, we literally test it with everything we have got. Meaning, the installers are scanned several times before we grant you access to them. Another reason is that they are completely compatible with any kind of operating system and hardware. Even when your computer was built like 10 years ago, our installer can work and it provide everything you wish to get.

Third reason that makes our installer such perfect software is that it is really easy to use. The whole layout of the installer is very intuitive. The reason why we made such an easy software is that we know not all of you have knowledge about programming and some of you might have not installed a game even once. Basically, all you got to do is to click install button, choose the destination folder and that’s all! Oh and also you will be surprised how fast our Perception Download can be. On older, less efficient hardware, it might take a little longer but don’t worry, couple of minutes and the installation process will be done.

Perception Download Full Version PC

Perception Download PC

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We only gave you the main reasons that make our installers a perfect device. But believe us you won’t be disappointed.

Let’s now take a look at what this game offers. Why using Perception Download PC is such a good idea? Perception is an indie, horror game made by the brand new studio called The Deep End Games. You might not hear about them, but those people are ones that created BioShock franchise or Dead Space, which are fantastic horror games.

The Deep End Games made a pretty nice job creating Perception and the nicest part is that the game was funded by people from Kickstarter webpage, which means a lot of players approves the concept of Perception. The game is a kind of unique because it is probably the first game, where we take the role of the blind girl.

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The girl has nightmares about a haunted house and one day she decides to find this particular house by her own. When she finally finds it, shortly after she feels the presence of the angry spirit. She entered the house but the ghost tricked her and made it impossible to escape. Our job, as a player, is to find out as fast as we can what happened in this place before the spirit makes us another of his victim.

Since Cassie – the blind girl, can’t use any weapon. We rely only on her intelligence and her sharpened sense of hearing. Besides that, Cassie can throw some small objects like books and set the alarms placed in the house, to distract a vengeful spirit. Despite the fact Perception was made on Unreal Engine 4, we won’t see that much of this detailed graphic because most of the time we will see black and white shapes.

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