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Strategy games that involve economy aspects are quite popular nowadays. However, have you heard about Urban Empire or any other title that is similar to this one? It is a rather fresh combination of economy, strategy, and politics elements that combined into one, create a very good piece of creation that will let us delve into brilliant world of managing city and taking care of your citizens, while fighting over power with others. Learn more about the game from games-download24.com and enjoy Urban Empire Download links that will redirect you straight to the private servers with our installer!

Urban Empire DownloadUrban Empire Full Version PC

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What about the game itself? Well, Urban Empire is very specific kind of political-economical strategy, because in here we are not going to focus on constructing city and winning elections alone. As you know, there is a dark side of politics, where people are bribed, threatened etc. Because of that, they tend to support your person. Another interesting fact regarding the game is the timeline. Here, we do not play for a decade or so. The game starts in the XIX century and it goes forward up to modern times! That is to say, we do not control just one person, we have to create our own dynasty and make sure they will run the town, then the city, and the metropolis for the whole time. If you have what it takes to become the best leader in the world, make sure to use Urban Empire Download and enjoy with plenty of features that this game has got for you!

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