Visage Download Full Version PC

Visage Full Version PC

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Visage Download

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Full Version Game Download

Full Version Game


Visage Download more information:

The story of Visage is similar to the Japanese horror movie. For many years in certain house people disappeared under mysterious circumstances, forever. That fact is considered as murder. It turns out that we are in this house and soon we will be fighting for our life. When our character has become firmly established already at home and felt safe, the last night will no longer be the same as the others. One night, loud bang wakes up our character. In search for the cause of sound we go downstairs and find nothing. Everything would be wonderful if not the fact that someone just locked us in our own home! What will happen with the main hero? Will he die? Or survive and tell the stories of mysterious murders? Find out by yourself thanks to Visage Download !

Every minute is becoming more and more frightening from the previous. For most of the gameplay I hold an apple in my throat. Here someone groans, there something moves. By the omnipresent fear, this game does not need jumpscares. Usually in cheap horror games something pops out trying to scare player. The game is nicely made. The critics and reviewers agreed that this is how the horror game should look like. That is all we can tell you without spoiling the story. Developers did tremendous job, game is well scripted. A lot of puzzles and surprises are waiting for you. The big plus of Visage is a great graphic and sound. Level of details is enormous. The graphics are extremely dark but still you do not have to strain your eyes to see the details. Character movement animations were very good. Visage gives people creeps and we, as the team of installing device to the game, can wait for more of such type!