World of Tanks Free Download PC Full Game

World of Tanks Free Download PC Full Game :

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The World of Tanks series has long been multiplatform. In the production of Wargaming, programs on PCs, Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles, and even on mobile devices. In stores, we will also buy models with the WOT logo, and without board programs for a board game. In January, tanks also arrived on the Sony PlayStation 4 console.

Gameplay :

The game consists of a clash of two teams of 15 players each. The winner will be the one that survives or takes over the opponent’s designated point or base. The vehicles are divided into triers and types. Trier can be compared with the level of the machine. World of Tanks Free Download , The higher (max X), the more deadly the tank has more hit points and damage. You need to spend a lot of time to unlock the best machines. When we have an advanced vehicle, this does not mean that we will meet defenseless players on our way. The system fixes battles to keep tanks at a similar level. However, it will not always be equal clashes, which is related to the type of vehicle. There are five classes available in the game:

Light tank
Medium tank
Heavy tank
Tank Destroyer.

Each vehicle has its own capabilities and functions on the battlefield. We learn and learn to apply them in practice during numerous battles. So there are light and heavy tanks. Then in the loudspeakers, usually during accurate shooting, we will hear a message that we hit the target, but we didn’t even scratch it. You have to either run away or try to hit the sensitive parts of the tank such as caterpillars.

Tank destroyers are deadly, but they usually have weak armor on the sides and no turret to rotate around their axis. In such cases, you have to try to bypass the opponent before he turns to hit us and shoot him in the back and sides. There is usually no point in shooting the destroyer in front, because we often get only a ricochet and lose valuable time during reloading. World of Tanks Download .

The game system is well developed in this respect. We have to think how we shoot and what. Using automatic measurement is not the most effective solution. The game calculates the damage task based on the caliber, armor thickness, machine angle, place of impact, etc. Depending on how you hit it, there may be a ricochet, armor penetration, vehicle arson, tank track damage, etc.

World of Tanks Free Download PC Full Game Scoring and interface

World of Tanks has a very well designed interface. It’s easy to find yourself in it. The game also facilitates the numerous messages that we receive during the game, e.g. artillery fire or e.g. about the fact that the enemy sees us. It is worth emphasizing that everything is fully polonized and this applies not only to the text, but also to the voice of the teacher. However, if someone has problems finding their way into the game, they can play at a military training ground, where they can face artificial intelligence. World of Tanks Free Download .

Production draws and it’s hard to break away from it. Especially since it starts to get better over time, and every slaughter of the enemy is satisfying. Sometimes it happens that someone stole our frag when we reload, and the opponent barely zipped. However, the game honestly scores everything at the end.

World of Tanks Free to Play

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The game is based on the Free to Play model. We will play it for free, but we can also invest real money that will allow us to buy, e.g. a premium account, premium tanks, additional garage spaces, crew training, etc. Is it possible to play without micropayments? It can be done, but what’s next, our development is slower. It is a pity that in the PlayStation 4 version micropayments are more expensive than in the PC version. It is a consolation that World of Tanks can be played online without a PlayStation Plus subscription. Xbox owners, unfortunately, do not have so good. World of Tanks Full Game .

Graphics and surroundings

The game looks sensational and graphically trumps many paid titles. Vehicles that often reflect sunlight or shine in the rain look great. Fog rises above the water, clouds move in the sky. Vehicles on the ground leave traces, driving through the meadow we crush the grass. Blades of grass move great. Graphics also have weaker sides like bushes and stones because they look average compared to other elements.

The environment destruction system is terribly simplified and inconsistent. Entering the haystack it suddenly disappears, the situation is similar with smaller buildings. They just disappear under the tracks of the vehicle. However, when we shoot at these objects, nothing happens to them. However, this is not a big drawback and does not spoil the fun. After all, a mapping of the haystack physics into which a tank enters would not be easy. World of Tank PC Download .


Wargamin prepared great production and the PlayStation 4 version did not lose its most important aspect – playability. The game draws you in and encourages you to the next battle. At the same time, it can be played without micropayments. Without a premium account, more vehicles are discovered more slowly, but you are not in a lost position during the battle. It’s worth trying out World of Tanks Download PC .

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