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Bum Simulator PC Download Full Version Review :

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In the game we play the role of a resident of one of the American cities, who one day loses everything and lands on the street. The production offers great freedom in shaping the fate of the hero. We can accept our fate and learn to live like a menel, or try to find a job and take revenge on those who led us to this situation. There is even the possibility of becoming a local legend. Bum Simulator PC Download.

How to install Bum Simulator PC Download Free :

  1. Download the installer from our website (blog com)
  2. Then run “.exe” and start installing the game.
  3. Follow the instructions during installation.
  4. The game will start to download and install automatically.
  5. After the installation is finished, click Finish.
  6. Play.

Bum Simulator PC Download Full Version Review :

Bum Simulator is a humorous simulation game released on the PC platform, allowing you to experience the life of a modern menel. The project was developed by Ragged Games studio and published by PlayWay.

Despite the presence of the word “simulator” in the title, Bum Simulator released on PC has nothing to do with realism. The authors have developed a fun arcade sandbox, which with a grain of salt approaches the topic of menel’s life. In the game, we observe events from a first-person perspective. The world has an open structure, offering us full freedom of exploration, and the locations are densely filled with interesting characters and activities to choose from. While playing, we focus primarily on survival, which is helped by numerous absentee special powers. It is also possible, among others begging, collecting cans, folding shelters from cardboard boxes, training pigeons and discovering the secrets of alcohol alchemy. All this has a very comedic form. Thanks to this, during the campaign, we can, for example, solve the mystery of ratmen living in the sewers. Bum Simulator Free Download.

The game was made in full 3D, and the game is made more attractive by an extensive physical engine.

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