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Death Stranding Download PC Free Full Game :

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Death Stranding – game review. Hideo Kojima is back in a big way

Hideo Kojima, whose name appears many times in this text, is a unique creator in the world of video games. Regardless of whether we like the narrative and gameplay solutions in his games, or on the contrary, there is no doubt that the Japanese is a remarkable developer and as one of the few – not to say the only – creates AAA games titles in the segment copyright. Since the second half of the eighties and the premiere of Metal Gear, which is the first mission of the iconic Snake, the Japanese creator performs the most important functions in the production of all his titles. It is in his head that the concept of each new game is born, he develops the basic gameplay mechanics, writes scripts, directs, guides actors, employs composers, decides on the appearance of the interface or title board, and since Metal Gear Solid 3 he even removes his duties from the marketing department by selling the fruits of Kojima Productions’ work in their own way. In addition, it has at least three groundbreaking positions in its portfolio. Death Stranding Download PC .

Death Stranding Download PC Free – “After death, there is no time for pleasure”

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  1. Download the installer from our website (blog com)
  2. Then run “.exe” and start installing the game.
  3. Follow the instructions during installation.
  4. The game will start to download and install automatically.
  5. After the installation is finished, click Finish.
  6. Play.

It began with a series of powerful explosions that took place simultaneously around the world. The global communications infrastructure was almost completely destroyed, although governments did everything to save as much as possible and then understood what actually happened. The American administration initially considered this a coordinated terrorist attack, especially since it was a frequent phenomenon at that time. However, it soon turned out that it was something completely different. The craters remaining after the explosions were very strange – scientists could not find debris or dust in them, and neutron radiation and alpha rays were found in trace amounts – so meteor impacts and the effect of atomic bombs were excluded. Instead, a previously unknown particle was discovered, known since then as chiralium. Around the same time, so-called chiral clouds, preventing Americans from connecting with the outside world. Something much, much worse happened – as a result of mysterious explosions, the process of human death changed. Adopting the concept of the ancient Egyptians, according to which people are composed of two elements – ka and ha – that is, soul and body, detailed tests have been developed explaining their nature. It was established that the soul connects the child with the womb, giving life to the body. Therefore, there was truth in Egyptian beliefs, because even American scientists defined death as a process during which the soul travels from one reality to another. Normally, at the time of death, the soul goes to the Edge, from there it is transferred to the Beach to finally reach the world of the dead. As a result of unexplained explosions, this changed because the soul that reached the Beach could try to return to the body. This gigantic explosion, from which it all began, was called Death’s Death, in its original language version – Death Stranding Free Download PC.

The consequences of this event were enormous. Since then, every deceased person whose corpse has not been cremated tried to return to the body, resulting in a dissolution, leaving behind a large crater. Countless such cataclysms, combined with the destructive effect of temporal precipitation aging all matter on Earth, led to the collapse of the once great power and the end of the civilization as we know it. Americans, however, do not intend to give up. The president of the state now known as United States of America (UCA), blond hair Bridget Strand, wants to rebuild the world of man, starting with the unification of the largest centers in the territory of the former US under the umbrella of the Bridges organization. We get to know the post-apocalyptic reality in “normed” conditions, where the remnants of humanity are protected in large urban centers and well-equipped shelters, in addition, the survivor managed to maintain some of the greatest technological achievements, as well as create new forms of communication. However, due to temporal rains, which in a few seconds can change a young man into an old man, and an efficient means of transport into scrap metal, transport of goods has become very difficult. Death Stranding Full Game , In these conditions, couriers, i.e. people specializing in delivering parcels, play an extremely important role. One of them is Sam Porter Bridges, the main character of the game, unique for at least two reasons. The legendary courier suffers from the DOOMs syndrome, i.e. apocalyptic visions in a dream and hafefobia (fear of touch), is also a repatriate – a person who can return to life after death from a place known as the Edge, having the form of sea depths. Thanks to this, he knows how to sense emerged, very dangerous creatures from the world of the dead, trying to capture every living person. Death Stranding PC Download .

The current generation shows that we have come to the point where – apart from formal procedures – it is increasingly difficult to find fresh solutions both in the AAA games segment and among modest productions. Over the past few years, we’ve met the Nemesis system in Shadow of Mordor, we played the first interactive teaser through P.T., God of War allows you to track the action on one continuous shot, and many creators experiment with level-design between linear gameplay and sandbox. Thanks to the reviewed position, Hideo Kojima once again adds something from himself, playing with the formula of an action game in the open world, including the Strand system. The new form of networking does not revolutionize the genre, but it is an expected breath of freshness. Thanks to this, as well as thanks to the great script, gameplay ideas and baroque form, Death Stranding is an experience different from all the titles on the market. As for me – sensational. Death Stranding Torrent .

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